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visual  vernacular

What is Visual Vernacular?


Visual Vernacular is a theatrical art form of physical expression, story telling with strong sense of body movements, iconic signs, gestures, facial expressions.


VV has elements of poetry and mime but it is totally different as it is shown visually such as preforms. VV can be performed solo, or group.


Want to see one of my shows?

I can perform at any stage shows, theatres, special occasions, functions such as:


- Birthdays,

- Weddings,

- Festivals,


all can be for adults or children please contact me as my shows an unique experience you will never forget …. this is not to be missed!!!!


About Ish


Ish is an unique VV performer with strong sense of expressing ability to

do talented spectacular VV,


Ish's VV performances are really powerful representing such variety of styles of body language, facial expressions and preforms, Ish is very passionate about British Sign Language,  always been keen on expressing through BSL.


Ish is an active member of Deaf community whom travels all over

the UK  to be part of the strong Deaf socialising communities, after getting such great feedback about how his VV was so apealing and in awe  by the audience.

Visual Vernacular UK . All Rights reserved 2016

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What is VV?

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